Tuesday, 13 February 2007

brain surgery


I am due to see the brain surgeon tomorrow and as those that know me 'know' Feb 14th is my birthday. I feel very positive, and have just had a lovely meal with my daughter her boyfriend Carl and Tony my husband. I am having breakfast in the morning with one of my closest friends and am hoping the day will go well. I meet the surgeon at the Royal London at 2.30pm, I have a list of questions of my own and ones that my sister downloaded for me, thank you Wendy I love you.
I will post the information here and answer some of the questions I hope! I have just finished reading Sacha Bonners book, 'Dipped into Oblivion' she like me had a brainstem cavernoma, which bled when she was only twenty years old. Eventually she did have it removed by an American surgeon leaving her with some disabilities post surgery, however she is now writing for the Daily Telegraph health page so she must have overcome these to some extent.
I met someone I used to know a while ago today, and he reminded me that he had a brain hemorrhage 2 years ago and the Royal London had taken care of him, even flying a surgeon over from Switzerland to complete the surgery. I am taking this as a very positive sign, he reassured me that I was in the right place, lets hope I feel the same after my meeting tomorrow.

Love to you all xxx


kirkmc said...


Head over to www.angiomaalliance.org for more info about cavernomas. You're not alone - there are plenty of us out there who have been through this.


suzy mee said...

thanks have done this and attended first conference, great resource.