Friday, 16 February 2007

Neurosurgeon - Mr Wadley Royal London


I met with my neurosurgeon on 14th February and feel very positive about the outcome. He told me that in his opinion the cavernoma was too deeply in bedded in my brain stem to remove with invasive surgery. I was very relieved to know that this decision had been taken from me, this might sound strange but I felt such relief I can't tell you. However he would recommend me as an ideal candidate for gamma knife surgery which is non invasive surgery, I had read a little bit about this. This would not remove it completely but would reduce the risk of a re bleed from 30% down to 2%. I am going to have another MRI scan and get an up to date image of the brain stem and meet with him again in May. I felt strange having a conversation with someone who had more interest in my condition (the brain stem cavernoma) than with me and how I was coping emotionally, but hey that's his specialism.
I had physio today my first session since the bleed in October, I have muscle wasting in my right shoulder, causing me some pain, it was great to get some specific exercises to address this.
I have been doing yoga and some light cardiovascular exercise on my own up until now, which he was pleased with.

I am feeling very positive and happy really to be able to get on with my life and not be afraid. It might sound weird to anyone reading this but I know I am going to be alright and for now I am OK. I am due back to work at the end of February and think this is going to be OK to, I am confident and know that although my options have reduced ( I know I can get a second or third opinion about surgery)I feel great about the options I have.

Chat to you soon x


Cathy said...

I came upon your blog when searching Yoga and Cavernomas. I had a bleed on Sept. 1, 2006 that I finally got diagnosed four days later. I've had a great recovery, am back to work full time and exercising. However, the neurologist doesn't want me doing yoga. Before the bleed I had been doing a lot of yoga and really miss it. He is worried about pressure building in my head from positions like downward facing dog. I certainly wasn't planning on doing any headstands. I'm curious how you've been when doing yoga.

Thanks, Cathy Lichtman

suzy mee said...


Yoga is fantastic for stress levels and strength etc. I did Iyenger Yoga, restorative at first and then moved on to beginners. left out the head stands and shoulder stands at first. I found downward facing dog ok, just don't hold it too long. Sorry about the late response.
Take Care, Sue